About Us


Barutçu Tekstil

Barutçu Textile established in Bursa in 1991, our company is one of the leading fabric manufacturers and exporters of textile industry.

Our company focusing on customer satisfaction, continuous growth and development, aiming to compete in the international platform, with top quality product standarts. We export our products to more than 20 countries, including the world’s leading brands.

Global Recycle



The Global Recycle Standard (GRS) was developed by Control Union in 2008 and was later transferred to Textile Exchange in 2011. Standard can be applied to the companies that manufacture and / or trade recycled products as finished or semi-finished products. It covers all products with at least 20% recycled material. The area of application is not limited to textile products and is very wide, especially paper, packaging, glass and plastic products.
The standard has criteria such as worker health and safety, environmental and waste management as well.




The Oeko Tex® Tex100 standard is a world-class standard testing and certification system for raw materials in textile and all related processing stages, implemented by an international independent organization, in terms of environmental protection and ecological compatibility.

Our Mission



As Barutçu Textile our mission,

  • To be an exemplary organization with production facilities sensitive to human and respectfull to nature in our sector,
  • R&D activities within the scope of high quality standards to produce with a unique product variety,
  • Adhering to ethical values,
  • To maintain employee and customer satisfaction,
  • To make environmentally friendly production by using energy efficiency projects and resources effectively,
  • To contribute to the national economy by increasing the international market share.
Our Vision



Our vision is to be a pioneering and exemplary organization that meets the domestic and foreign demands of the sector with its innovative product and service approach in line with technological developments with R&D / UR-GE studies and technological developments without sacrificing quality.

In 2019, we received our Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certificate, which protects the organic status of textile products from the harvesting of raw materials to the processing, production, packaging, labeling and distribution of products, in order to provide an enduring consumer with an environmentally and socially responsible production approach.

In 2018, we received our Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certification for the final product, which meets the production requirements and ensures the monitoring and verification of the content of recycled materials, including processing, manufacturing, packaging, labeling and distribution of products.

In 2019, we received our Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) certification, which encourages improvements in animal care and land management and ensures that consumers monitor and verify across the supply chain from farm to final product to ensure that the wool in their chosen product.



Barutçu Textile is to manage all kinds of risks related to the continuity of our activities that constitute our information assets in accordance with our mission and vision,

  • Comply with all legal regulations and contracts related to information security,
  • To carry out trainings that will develop the competencies that will raise awareness about information security,
  • To continuously improve our Information Security Management System by documenting to meet the requirements of ISO 27001 standard,
  • Managing our management systems,
  • We are committed to being a pioneer and exemplary organization in our sector.


Barutçu Textile in order to protect the environment and ensure continuity in all its activities, to reduce environmental impacts under current environmental legislation and to leave a livable world to future generations; it aims to work with the logic of minimum waste and optimum production line in all product and production activities.

In line with our mission and vision;

  • Determination of Environmental Dimensions, Life Cycle Analysis, Assessment of Risks and Opportunities to provide improvement by providing current legislation and customer requirements,
  • To improve our environmental management system in order to improve our environmental performance in all activities,
  • To raise our employees awareness about our responsibilities to the environment and to ensure their participation,
  • Reducing the amount of waste that may occur as a result of production, transportation, storage, operation, treatment and maintenance activities,
  • To provide recycling and disposal of wastes with intermediary institutions,
  • We are committed to reducing the risks of pollution that could adversely affect the environment and to prevent the spread of potential pollution within the framework of Employee Health and Safety Rules.


Barutçu Textile in accordance with national and international legal regulations, under an efficient energy management system based on continuous improvement, by providing resources, performs its activities.

In line with our mission and vision, Barutçu Textile limits energy resources are based on sustainability philosophy, to prevent global warming, to reduce environmental impacts and to leave a livable world for future generations;

  • We will continuously improve our energy performance,
  • We will be environmentally friendly by using energy efficiency projects and resources effectively,
  • We will provide the necessary information and resources to achieve our goals and objectives,
  • We will comply with all applicable legal requirements regarding energy use, consumption and efficiency,
  • We will support the purchase of energy efficient products and services and support the design activities to improve our energy performance,
  • We are committed to make employees conscious of energy efficiency and savings.


As Barutçu Textile, in line with our mission and vision, we design, develop and manufacture products in line with customer expectations and needs by using up-to-date technologies.

  • To fulfill the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 standard of our quality management system,
  • To document and continuously improve with other management systems,
  • To identify preventive approaches to improve our performance by reviewing our business processes,
  • To increase the efficiency in all our processes to the level that can compete at international level in line with the continuous improvement approach,
  • Ensuring the achievement of company and unit targets within team spirit,
  • Developing innovative and creative approaches,
  • To carry out trainings to increase technical and behavioral competencies,
  • In line with our objectives, we are committed to working together with our other management systems as a pioneering and exemplary organization in our sector.


As Barutçu Textile we provide a transparent, sensitive, quality system to our management our customers, stakeholders and our environment, production and management at every stage of the production to establish and ensure continuity.


Not to employ forced or involuntary workers who are bound by the convention,


Not to work under the age of 18 and to act in accordance with the procedures and principles of child labor and young workers,


Employees are not based on race, color, language, ethnicity, political opinion, marital status, age or gender distinction; employing job-based skills; In addition, remuneration, social assistance and promotion in this direction,


To respect the right of the workers to become a member of the competent union and to bargain,


Respecting the personality and dignity of each employee, not making institutional punishment, not allowing verbal, physical or psychological harassment or coercion,


To apply the applicable laws and obligations in determining the working hours,


To make normal and over payments made by law and employment contract,


To adopt a proactive approach based on risk analysis, to ensure participation of all employees in occupational health and safety practices and to adopt a working system that prioritizes the general health of employees,


We are committed to implementing applicable environmental legislation, preventing environmental pollution and reducing it at the source.